Tuesday, December 18, 2007


1. young marble giants – ‘colossal youth and collected works’ (domino)
2. battles – ‘mirorred’ (warp)
3. of montreal – hissing fauna, are you the destroyer? (polyvinyl)
4. the black dog – the book of dogma (soma)
5. low – ‘drums and guns’ (sub pop)
6. ewan pearson – fabric 35 (fabric)
7. kathy diamond – ‘miss diamond to you’ (permanent vacation)
8. the field – ‘from here we go sublime’ (kompakt)
9. roisin murphy – ‘overpowered’ (emi)
10. pelican – ‘city of echoes’ (hydra head)

** the battles are not the same band as battles. the "the" is very important and makes your google searches find much less information. the battles apparently do not like to take press shots or have live shots anywhere on the internet (to my knowledge). there is also a argentinian beatles cover band called the battles.