Wednesday, January 21, 2009


audiotuts livreaza lista celor mai proaste 20 de videoclipuri din toate timpurile. castigatorul e mai jos, imediat dupa comentariul ala rautacios de bun de pe site, iar ceilalti concurenti sunt de gasit pe link.

'Without exception, every artist on this list could make at least some excuse for why their video is so horrible. Maybe it was the 80's and dudes flailing around like a gayer Michael Stipe was just the style. Or maybe they were a struggling artist who couldn't shell out millions for a world class video. But what's going on here, there is absolutely no excuse for. Heidi Montag is the star of an MTV reality show. She's got plenty of cash. There is no reason this video should be as horrid as it is. Anyone reading this could recreate this video using a moderately hot chick and a Rent-A-Center video camera. Once you have that in place, just read the video camera instruction manual up to the "make people look like they're moving all herky jerky like the monsters in The Grudge" section and your job is done.'

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